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  • 2019 annual commendation Conference

    The seasons run like a stream. At 18:18 on January 18, 2020, the 2019 commendation Party of Fucheng group was held in Longshan theatre. Ms. Huang Yaojun, vice chairman of the company, leaders of all units and centers, and more than 1000 employees gathered to celebrate the feast. On the same night, the branches in Wuhan, Qingyuan and Shenyang also held a commendation party together with the headquarters. The programs were brilliant and the atmosphere was lively.

    In the evening, at the Yuyao headquarters party, each unit and center selected and sent 16 wonderful programs: Solo, hot dance, magic, acrobatics, skits and so on, which made the audience applaud continuously. In the meantime, the party presented 13 advanced awards and 121 awards of different sizes, which not only filled the eyes of employees, but also surprised them with many awards.


    We are on the way.

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    Dream and be honest!

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