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  • 2019 Year-end Operation Meeting of Fucheng Group


    On January 7, 2020, the 2019 year-end operation meeting of Fucheng group was successfully held in the multi-functional hall of the headquarters with the theme of "sticking to the original aspiration and achieving stability". On that day, 181 senior and middle-level leaders of the group attended the meeting, and the weekly Bureau of special consultants of the group also attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, each operation unit and each functional center will first make an annual operation report, summarize and review the work results in 2019, review the deficiencies in the work of the Department, and clarify the work focus in 2020. At the same time, the planning of the top-level design of the Department is described.

    2019 is a year of expectation and suffering for many vehicle manufacturers and parts enterprises. In 2018, the domestic automobile market experienced the first negative growth after 28 years of continuous growth, and in 2019, it continued to grow for another year. Many brands have changed from increment to stock market, and most of them are in a downturn. Although the state has issued a series of favorable policies for the car market at the macro level, it still fails to achieve "from negative to positive" due to multiple factors such as the Sino US trade war, the inventory of the Sixth National clean-up and the run on the shared travel market.

    Finally, Ms. Huang Yaojun, vice chairman of the group, and Mr. Fang Yesheng, director of the group made a summary speech, which affirmed the work of all departments in 2019, but also put forward higher requirements and expectations for the work in 2020:

    It's not easy in 2019. The negative growth of the car market for one year is more painful than happy. In the past, it may not be easy for some enterprises, but in 2019, it's not easy for most enterprises. Although the market situation is very severe, Fucheng group can develop steadily, and the sales volume is still slightly weak compared with last year. In 2019, it ranks 12th in the list of "top 500 heroes of per mu production" in Ningbo manufacturing industry A result is worth affirming, thank you for your persistence and hard work in the past year!

    The world is entering into great changes. China's economy is also facing great adjustment. Economic adjustment is also the beginning of opportunities. Only by changing ourselves can we adapt to this adjustment. Driven by the state's macro policies of capacity reduction and supply side reform, the auto market will continue to adjust in 2020, and the process of market sales bottoming may continue. The sales volume is expected to decline by 2% year-on-year, about 25.31 million vehicles. The market will pick up or in 2022, which means that in the next two or three years, it can only compete in the stock market. The reorganization / merger and acquisition of the whole vehicle factory and the group heating will be the general trend. At the same time, this pressure will inevitably extend to the parts and components enterprises. The pressure of the parts and components enterprises will be highlighted, and the competition among peers will be more intense. This also forces us to pay attention to internal management, continuously consolidate the foundation, deepen standardization work and lean thinking, strengthen cost control, and strive for progress in stability!

    Though the road is long, the way will come; though the work is difficult, the way will come!

    Stick to the original intention, go steady and go far, the future is promising!

    Let's move forward in 2020.

    Excellent enterprise, we are on the way

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