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  • Strict epidemic prevention and full return to work

    Fucheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in Lanjiang street, Yuyao City, Ningbo City, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of interior and exterior auto parts.

    The novel coronavirus infection prevention and control in People's Republic of China is a special period. We must strictly implement the "law on prevention and control of infectious diseases in the Zhejiang", comply with relevant requirements of the state, province and city, abide by the relevant provisions of the first level response to major public health emergencies in Henan Province, conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility of enterprises, undertake the obligations of enterprises, and strictly implement the plan of revaccination work formulated by the company. We will focus on epidemic prevention, return to work and production, and stabilize the economic development of enterprises.

    1、 Organizational support

    In order to novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, effectively isolate the infection source, cut off the risk source, protect the life safety and health of the employees. At the same time, in order to do the work well during the epidemic prevention and control period, the company strictly implements the ten guidelines for enterprise rehabilitation and epidemic prevention and enterprise recovery according to the spirit of Yu Lian Fang, [No. 2020] 30, and Yu Lian Fang Zhi [2020] 35. Requirements for work prevention and control, a leading group for the company's epidemic prevention and control work, with Chairman Fang as the core, eight executive groups, with the top leaders of each unit as the group leader and Party members as the group members, are established to clarify the responsibilities of the executive group, establish a wechat group for epidemic prevention and return to work, and comprehensively implement the company's epidemic prevention and control and return to work. The eight executive groups are: personnel control group, health monitoring group, environmental disinfection group, epidemic propaganda group, logistics support group, dormitory control group, rental housing management control group and supplier monitoring group.

    2、 System guarantee

    In order to ensure that the epidemic prevention work can be carried out orderly and orderly, the epidemic prevention leading group, together with each executive group, formulated the company's epidemic prevention plan for resumption of work in the early stage of resumption of work, and classified and established the management measures for classified management and control of personnel resumption, the management regulations for environmental killing during epidemic situation, the management regulations for canteen during epidemic prevention, and the management regulations for foreign personnel during epidemic prevention A novel coronavirus pneumonia system, a temporary staff control system during the epidemic prevention period, a temporary management and control method for the temporary staff in the epidemic prevention period, and a contingency plan for the prevention of new crown pneumonia, and so on.

    3、 Material support

    In order to ensure the company's epidemic prevention work, the logistics support group shall prepare in advance the emergency materials such as anti-virus masks and masks pads for employees to use for 30 days, non-contact thermometers, protective clothing, medical protective gloves for health monitoring, 84 disinfectants for environmental sterilization, medical alcohol disinfectants, isolation tents for temporary isolation, and make records of emergency materials procurement and distribution.

    A series of detailed and detailed anti epidemic measures have given us the "foundation" to return to work, and we have successfully boarded the "first bus" of Yuyao enterprises to return to work.

    4、 Strict prevention and control

    1. Personnel control:

    According to the personnel classification control plan during the epidemic period, the personnel control team shall establish a "one person one form" file before each employee returns to work, and confirm the travel records, health status of employees, transportation means of employees returning to Yao for identification and classification: return to work directly after returning to Yao, home health observation after returning to Yao, centralized isolation observation after returning to Yao, etc.; ensure that employees do not In case of health risk, sign employee commitment letter, handle employee work certificate and return to work;

    At the same time, the group will dynamically update the list of returned employees every day according to their return to Yao and health observation and termination.

    2. Health monitoring:

    According to the prevention and control requirements, the health monitoring group shall carry out temperature detection and health status inquiry for the employees before they enter the factory, during their working hours and when they leave the factory, and make records; for the employees with fever or respiratory tract infection symptoms, they shall be temporarily isolated for medical treatment according to the isolation process for abnormal employees, or emergency treatment according to the emergency plan for new pneumonia prevention.

    All monitoring points shall inquire about the temperature detection and health status of all the foreign personnel entering the plant all day long, and confirm with the supplier monitoring group whether to establish files, confirm whether the vehicle personnel's past journey meets the prevention and control requirements, and release after making records; for the abnormal foreign personnel, refuse to enter the plant, and temporarily isolate them for medical treatment, or according to the new pneumonia prevention work Emergency response plan.

    3. Environmental disinfection

    The environmental disinfection group shall disinfect and disinfect the office area, workshop, canteen, dormitory and other areas every day according to the requirements of environmental sterilization during the epidemic prevention period, and make records on the sterilization record sheet of each area.

    Five centralized disposal points (including dormitories) for waste masks, medical observation waste and other wastes shall be set up in the plant area according to the regional distribution, and special personnel shall be arranged for centralized recycling and disposal, and disposal records shall be made.

    4. Epidemic propaganda

    Novel coronavirus infection prevention and control knowledge is publicizing through various channels and multi frequency propaganda by WeChat, OA, poster slogans, internal video playback and so on. The training guidance is carried out before the workers resume work, so as to ensure the training coverage and enhance the awareness of disease prevention, and consciously try not to go out and reduce unnecessary external activities. Out.

    5. Canteen dining control

    Dining in the canteen is a big problem during the epidemic prevention period. The company implements the set meal system, dining in the restaurant in different periods of time. Before returning to work, the logistics support group will optimize the layout of dining area in the canteen, ensure that the dining seats are single and single, avoid eating in opposite seats, and ensure that the employees' dining spaces are more than 1 meter apart, which is known as "college entrance examination" type dining. After returning to work, the logistics support group will arrange meals in batches and periods according to the number of people returning to work every day; when dining, after

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